QUT biology student gifted fasciated pineapple at Sunshine Coast barbecue seeks responses

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A photograph of a fanned pineapple popped up online this week, perplexing visitors as to what might have triggered the uncommon mutation. Does this take place frequently? Where had been it from? & Most notably, is it possible to nevertheless consume it?


  • The present of the fasciated pineapple from a Queensland farmer set QUT biology student Ynna Hernandez-Europa on a journey of development
  • The fruit that is freaky grown by brothers Colin and Mark Harris on the farm in Wamuran, north of Brisbane
  • Fasciation may appear generally in most flowers and may be brought on by anxiety or by hereditary and factors that are hormonal

The pineapple is described by specialists being a fasciated — or pineapple that is fan-top.

Yes fasciated, not fascinated.

Ynna Hernandez-Europa, a biology pupil at Queensland University of tech, ended up being gifted the pineapple that is multi-headed its Sunshine Coast grower at a barbecue within the week-end.

The fruit that is freaky through the pineapple farm owned by brothers Colin and Mark Harris in Wamuran, north of Brisbane.

The set will be in the pineapple manufacturing business for many years, due to their daddy having owned a farm, too.

Stated Ynna: ” a barbecue was had by us for my father’s birthday celebration. I commented how cool the pineapple seemed and Colin ended up being pleased to allow me to ensure that it stays.”

Ynna and her classmates attempted theorising just exactly what had caused the fruit that is misshapen before you take to Reddit to get more responses.

Her other biology pupil Sandie McEwan stated: “We had a few theories by what mutation that might be and I also posted it to Reddit hoping that somebody would tell us, and plenty of individuals consented which they thought it had been a mutation called fasciation.”

The pupils discovered that fasciation can happen in every flowers, with distortion growing during the stem or plant base then affecting the shape that is flowering.

The reasons could be hereditary, viral or bacterial

Mark Harris stated it was thought by him ended up being brought on by overgrowing.

“In the event that plant gets overgrown it will develop this funny shaped pineapple,” he stated.

“It is a significant thing that is common most of the growers learn about it.

” when you look at the final 8 weeks, we have had a number of of those.”

Other farmers in the region have stated it may be as a result of friendfinder extreme climate — heat or cool — during the time of flowering.

Associate Professor Dan Tan, an agronomist utilizing the University of Sydney’s Institute of Agriculture whose work centers on plant physiology, said contributing factors included genetics, a growth that is abnormal anxiety.

“this will be quite amazing,” Associate Professor Tan stated.

” According to the idea behind it, is in reality one shoot that is single when it comes to pineapple, and merely as a result of a thing that occurs in hormones, or genetics . it simply grows flat.

“It is a procedure called cresting . a standard development price creates numerous points through the solitary point, also it could possibly be additionally because of anxiety.

“Like people, when you are getting development hormones, many people can develop actually big . which means this is similar to a hormone thing.

“It is simply an uncommon condition, it is a little such as a cancer tumors, however it does not destroy it, it simply helps it be develop in a strange method.”

Yes, but could you do eat it?

Needless to say, stated Mr Harris.

“there is nothing incorrect like anything else,” he said with them, you still eat them.

“But they have got a big wide core because, them shaped like a fan, they’d have a core inside that’s big and wide too if you imagine.

“with them. so that you can not process them, it is possible to deliver them to juicer, that is about all that you can perform”

Written by Manisha